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Oh the joy of Fur-Baby with their wet noses, wagging tails and warm hearts!

Joy Blooms . . . by loving & caring for the fur-babies

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Oh the Joy of Beagles

A beagle of two has shared our home and lives since 1995.   I can't imagine being without one.

Weeks before Bob picked us, we search for him.   The first  kennel had  a male beagle that was 4 months old.  I had never touched a beagle.  Seeing Bob was my first experience with a beagle up-close-and-personal, as they say. 

Well, we walked in, Bob wagged his tail and stood up in this pen.  My first comment was, "He is so soft."   Needless to say Bob came home with us. And that is how we were morphed from Cat-People into Beagle-People by a warm nose, wagging tail and soft fur.

Because Bob was 4 months old, all the "puppy-stuff" that hubby bought had to be exchanged for large sizes.  And, by the way, Bob never would go inside the custom dog house, so we ended up selling it in a garage sale. (I regret we were not in the digital age when he was small.)

Bob the Beagle Pics

Bob the Beagle came home with us on 10-04-1996
When Bob the Beagle was 5, it seemed that he needed a playmate.  So we began looking for local breeders that had Beagle puppies.   We started looking for "Betty", again a name we had picked out.

We found a breeder, Jenna, not to far from our house.  We drove over to see if she had "Betty."  Don't know if other people select the name and then seek the puppy that matches the name.

Jenna had a few puppies and one was an 8-week female, the runt of the litter.  Jenna said that she may be the rut but she was the boss.  We fell in love with Betty and brought her home with us.    And, yes, she became "the boss of Bob."

Betty Sue Pics

Bob was a great big brother to Betty With a 5 year age difference, we were cautious as we introduced Betty to Bob.  We weren't sure that he would  accept another dog.  After all he was "king of the hill."    But from the first night, he was very tolerant of her and over time, learned to "play" with her.

Well, she lived up to her reputation as "the boss."  To be fair, Bob let her be the boss.  He gave her his old toys.  Over time, they were inseparable.

Betty did eventually grow into those ears.

Bob developed back problems (herniated disks) and didn't recover from the surgery to repair his ruptured disks.  At age 7 Bob died, leaving Betty as a "lost soul."   She moped around, lost her appetite and searched high & low for Bob.

We missed him too.  Let's find a new brother for Betty ... and the cycle began again ...

Betty was all over Bob.  He let her be the boss.

Billy Bob Beagle eased the loss of Bob

We adopted Billy Bob in a similar way to the first two beagles.  His name was selected, "Billy".  Then we went out to find "Billy." Bob was added as a middle name in remembrance of the big brother he never knew but we loved very much.

Billy brought much needed JOY into our little family. 

Training him and teaching him manners was a full-time job. 

Billy Bob Pics



Betty's spirits improved too.  She once again assumed the role of boss.

They spent hours running and chasing each other.

Betty taught Billy to go through the pet door.  She'd go through; he'd watch.  She would entice him out with a toy.

It didn't take him long to figure it out.

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Joy Blooms . . . with Fur-Babies!

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