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Being a gardener  in Lubbock is a greater challenge than I imagined, but each year is getting better.
Come follow my progress as I get my hands in Texas soil.

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Bed 1 - Permanent Asparagus Bed

Early March 2012 I purchased asparagus crowns from Little Red Riding Hood Nursery - Lubbock.  (Unfortunately, in my haste to plant, I didn't keep track of location within the bed.)  --     8 Martha Washington crowns;     8 Purple Passion crowns; &    8 Jersey King crowns

I let the asparagus unfurl in to the most wonderful lacy canopy of delicate green foliage (not unlike the asparagus fern house plant) to give the crown a chance to get well established.  In the spring of 2013, I cut back the fern-like growth and harvested lightly, cutting a few spears that were pencil-size.  By 2015 I was rewarded with a steady harvest of spears - delicious.  I find myself cutting a spear or two and popping them in my mouth - raw.  They have a different flavor and are somewhat crunchy.   It is a myth that raw asparagus is toxic.

In 2016 I was able to harvest for a full 8 weeks.   Each year, after harvesting is over, I let the spears grow into ferns.   I understand that this grown feeds the roots and spurs the production of even more spears next year.
Companions 2016
  • FLWR Marigold 1   French Vanilla Hyprid
  • HERB Basil 2   Siam Queen
  • HERB Chives 1   Garlic Chives
  • HERB Parsley   Plain/Single


My 2016 Lubbock Victory Garden    ---    Please e-Mail any ideas/comments
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Note to Self:   Prior to planting asparagus, broadcast and work in  5-10-10 fertilizer.   Dig a V-shaped trench 6 to 8 inches deep and about the same width at the bottom. Set out the asparagus crowns with the roots spread out in all directions. Space at 12 to 16 inches apart for thick spears; 8 to 10 for thin spears.   After that in early spring (every year) fertilize with a light handful of 5-10-10 around each asparagus crown area.

Through the first summer, and somewhat less so during the following year, do not let the asparagus bed dry out. Maintain steady soil moisture if rainfall is lacking.  Asparagus yields will improve if steady soil moisture levels are maintained.   Be diligent in keeping the asparagus bed free of weeds as they compete for nutrients and can mat the soil surface.  Mulching helps in controlling weeds.

After final harvest, allow the spears to fully develop into ferns. An occasional selective trimming or pruning can reduce the amount of top growth. Withhold water in October and November to make ferns go dormant (turn yellow).   In late fall, after the ferns have turned completely brown, cut the foliage down to 2-inch stubs after frost when the foliage yellows, before the red berries fall off.  Add to the compost pile.  

An application of Roundup or Ortho Kleanup, after the final harvest and when ferns are less than 6 inches tall, will control bermuda grass and weeds. Follow label instructions.

Companion Notes:
Asparagus Good Neighbors:  Basil, Carrots, Marigolds, Nasturtiums, Parsley, Petunias Tomatoes Bad Neighbors:  Onion, Garlic, Potatoes
  • Parsley & Asparagus increases the vitality of the each other
  • Basil to encourage lady bugs
  • Marigolds to deters asparagus beetle
  • Petunias act as a trap crop
  • Tomatoes protect Asparagus against that awful asparagus beetle.

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