Joy Blooms, follow my adventures in Lubbock as I garden here

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Joy Blooms in the Garden

Joy Blooms in the Vegetable Garden
d to Lubbock, TX in Spring 2011
 Growing veggies in Lubbock has been a challenges, but each year is better.
Come follow my progress as I get my hands in Texas soil.

Joy Blooms in the Garden

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Bed 2 - Tomatoes

My Lubbock Victory Garden - 2014   ---    Please e-Mail any ideas/comments
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Lubbock Victory Garden Layout         Planting Calendar
Crop Rotation Chart                 Jan's Victory Garden Journal-2014
Spring Planting Calendar             Fall Garden Planting Calendar       
Month by Month Planting Schedule in Each Bed

I converted this bed to Tomatoes
Purchased Tomato Plants from  Ace Hardware & Lowe's on April 3, 2014
  • 1>Tomato Red Cherry Large-

    Unknown source from Ace - Planted 4/5    

    Indeterminate 75 days

  • 2> Cherokee Purple –
    Chef Jeff from Ace -  Planted 4/5 
    Indeterminate 80-90 days

  • 3> Husky Red Cherry
    Bonnie Plants from Walmart-  Planted 4/5  
    Indeterminate – Early 65 days

  • 4> Porter’s Dark Cherry –
    Bonnie Plant s from Walmart  Planted 4/5   

    Indeterminate Mid Season 74 days --




lettuce=makes radishes more tender

Beets=improve production of onions & add minerals to the soil.

Chives=improve the flavor of carrots

Nasturtiums=deters aphids & other pests



2014 Seeds Purchased


April 16, 2014 - had freezing temps last 2 nights.  Some of the tomato plants suffered frost.   There are no freezing temp predicted for the rest of the month.  I will give them a few days and see if they "perk- up."

Plant during the 4th Week of April:
  • Sweet Greens & Red Lettuce Blend (Renee's Garden)
  • Lettuce Salad Mix Mesclun (Bountiful Gardens)
  • Hairloom Lettuce Mix (Bountiful Gardens)
Plant during the 1st Week of May:
  • German Giant Radish (Burgess)
  • Snowball Y Cauliflower (Burpee)


Plant during the 2nd Week of July:
  • Rainbow Mix Carrot (Urban Farmer)
  • Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce (American Seed)
  • Paris White Lettuce (Burpee)
  • Burpee Bidd Lettuce (Burpee)


Plant during the 2nd Week of August:
  • Detroit Dark Red Beet (American Seed)
  • Cebolla Valencia Onion seed (Ferry-Morse)
Plant during the 4th Week of August:
  • Crimson Giant Radish (Burpee)



Beets, Broccoli, Bush Beans, Carrots, Cucumbers, Celery, Dill, Onions, Pole Beans, Radishes, Strawberries, Sunflowers are good neighbors to each other.
Harvesting Beets:  Pull when approximately 2” in diameter. Remove tops leaving 1.5” on late crops. Wash and refrigerate immediately.

Harvesting Lettuce:  Pick when outer, older leaves are 4 – 6” long. Older leaves may be removed. Head lettuce should be moderately firm. Place immediately in cold water when picked in the garden.

Harvesting Chives:  Start snipping chives after 90 days from seed or 60 days from transplanted divisions.  For a continuous harvest throughout the growing season, remove only as much as you need, instead of all the leaves.

Beets Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Bush Beans, Cauliflower, Garlic, Lettuce, Kohlrabi, Onions, Radishes, Sage Pole beans
Lettuce Beets, Broccoli, Bush Beans, Carrots, Cucumbers, Celery, Dill, Onions, Pole Beans, Radishes, Strawberries, Sunflowers Cabbage
Chives Carrots, tomatoes Peas, beans
  • Good for adding minerals to the soil. The leaves are composed of 25% magnesium making them a valuable addition to the compost pile if you don't care to eat them.
  • Keep away from Runner or pole beans.  They tend to stunt each other's growth.

  • Lettuce is a cool weather crop.  It needs plenty of water.  Plant in the spring and fall - will not do well in the heat of the summer.
  • Plant under the trellis tents of cucumbers to avoid the hot sun.
  • Plant radishes with lettuce to enhance the flavor of the radishes.
  • Lettuce grows well in the shade under young sunflowers. 
  • Dill and lettuce are a perfect pair.
  • Keep lettuce away from cabbage. Cabbage is a deterrent to the growth and flavor of lettuce.

  • Planting chives with carrots will improve both the growth and flavor of your carrots.
  • Grapes benefit from chive's ability to repel aphids.
  • Beets and carrots are good companion plants for chives. When chives are planted near carrots that have been allowed to bloom, it confuses both onion and carrot flies.
  • Asparagus, beans, peas and spinach are all bad companion plants for chives.
  • Cut chives about 2 inches above the soil. Before the plants flower, harvest from the outside edges of the clumps. After flowering, cut back the entire plant. 

[gardening/Veggie Garden/i-veggie.htm]

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