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Gone but never forgotten

Remembering Bob the Beagle
June 20, 1996 to October 23, 2003
Bob the Beagle, faithful loving companion,
may be gone but he lives on in our hearts and memories.

We Adopted Bob on October 4, 1996

We adopted Bob on October 4, 1996 when he was 4 month old.  The fact that he was marked-down-twice made us feel that we rescued him.   What a bargain he turned out to be!  

Brought Bob home on 10-04-1996

Needless to say, Bob brought
much joy and unconditional love.

Unlike most of his breed, Bob did not speak.  He barked only twice -- once as small puppy he barked at the lawn mower and then in 2003 he barked at a toy illuminated by the moonlight 
He was heard occasionally howling at those pesky squirrels that dared to invade the backyard. 
Bob was super-sized.  Although advertised as a 15" beagle, his adult height was 16" and he weighed 50 lbs.

Bob with Basketball toy 1999

Bob after Sept 11, 2001

Dave called Bob "My Boy"

Jan called Bob "My Hero"


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