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How an Engineer Adopts a Puppy

It is interesting how an engineer approached the adoption of a puppy.  We shared our home with the same pair of cats for twenty years.  They never warmed up to Dave even though they relied on him for the necessities of life since my job required extensive travel.  The day finally came when old-age was getting the best of the kitties and the house was without any furry companions.
We made the decision not to adopt new kittens.  Each time I called home, as I continued to travel, Dave began to think about getting another animal.  He thought a dog might be good.  He hadn't had a dog since he was a kid.  Oddly enough both Dave and I had childhood dogs named Cindy - but that is another story.    We discussed it and a dog it was. 
But where does one start looking for a dog.  Dave's approach was as an engineer . . . He did research, of course!  He bought and read seven or eight books about picking the "right breed for you."  He carefully underlined text of interest and paper-clipped the pages for quick access.  After all the research he narrowed the breed to a beagle.   The winning traits were size, personality, and the need for exercise.  He thought walking a dog would be a good excuse to get some exercise too.
Once the breed was identified, Dave then concentrated on learning everything he could about beagles.   He bought and read more books.  Back then the Internet was not a useful as it is today.  He talked to beagle owners and also called the Colorado Beagle Rescue organization.
Petmate Indigo Dog Home Weeks before we adopted "Bob", Dave narrowed his choice down to a 15" male beagle.  He had studied pictures of  beagles and decided that he wanted a beagle with a non-traditional look.  He wanted a beagle with a solid-colored face instead of one with a traditional white stripe up the nose.  Dave proceeded to buy everything a puppy would need -- toys, chew bones, pee-pads, harness, leash, bowls, carriers, etc -- you name it, Dave bought it.  

He even bought an igloo-type-dog-house and wired it with a heating pad and a night light.  He read more books on training puppies. 

Since he already picked out the name "Bob" all he needed was, well Bob.

He had networked to find available beagles so when I returned home he a list of beagles to "go visit."  It was interesting that he settled on beagles, neither one of us had any experience with beagles.  We didn't even know any one who had a beagle; we had never touched a beagle.  So we hopped in the car and drove to find "Bob".
The first place on the list was a kennel that sold all kinds of puppies.  They had several beagles.  At this point we were really just interested in seeing a beagle "up-close-and-personal" as they say.  Well, we walked in, Bob wagged his tail and stood up in this pen.  I reached in to pet him and my first comment was, "He is so soft."   Needless to say Bob came home with us.
Because Bob was 4 months old, all the "puppy-stuff" that Dave bought had to be exchanged for large sizes.  And, by the way, Bob never would go inside the custom dog house, so we ended up selling it in a garage sale.

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