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Joy Blooms in the Garden

Joy Blooms  -- Compost It

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Successful composting combines brown & green organic materials with water & oxygen

Greens -- are high in nitrogen, and provide the building blocks for the protein that microorganisms need to reproduce.  Think living plants.

Browns -- are high in carbon and provide the carbon source for microorganisms.  Think dead plants.

Water -- enough to make the compost feel like a damp sponge.  a handful should be wet enough that just a drop or two of water drips out when you squeeze your hand shut. 

Oxygen -- got to have the breath of life so that all those little microorganisms can breathe. Lack of oxygen to a major contributor cause your compost to smell.  Turning on a regular basis and adding browns will keep a adequate supply of oxygen.

Sample List of Browns & Greens
(materials that are rich in carbon)
(materials that are rich in nitrogen)

Bread and grains

Brewery waste, hops, and pomace


Dried flowers

Egg shells

Fall leaves

Food-soiled cardboard (recycle if clean, but compost if dirty)

Food-soiled paper towels and napkins


Old potting soil

Pine needles

Sawdust and woodshavings

Shredded newspaper

Small twigs and wood chips

Spent plants

Stale flour, cereal, spices, beans

Straw and hay

Wood ashes

Coffee grounds and filters

Cornstarch and other organic packing materials


Flower bouquets

Fresh leaves

Fruit and vegetable scraps
Grass clippings
Green plants
Horse manure

Manure and bedding from small pets such as hamsters and rabbits

Prunings and hedge trimmings

Spoiled juice

Tea bags


Joy Blooms . . . in the garden!

The seed is hope; the flower is joy

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