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Gone but never forgotten

Remembering Bob the Beagle
June 20, 1996 to October 23, 2003
Bob the Beagle, faithful loving companion,
may be gone but he lives on in our hearts and memories.

His favorite activity was taking "walkie walkies"   Dave coined that phrase.   He started taking him for walks around the block when Bob was a puppy.  Until Bob built up strength, Dave would have to carry him part of the way.   When he heard the magic words, "walkie walkie," Bob would sit by the door and wait for us to put on his leash.  His favorite part of talking walks was smelling all the old and new smells.  He, of course, left plenty of p-mail.   Never in a hurry to finish his walks, Bob took time to smell the flowers and everything else.

When Bob would find an interesting smell, he'd "slam on his brakes" and not budge until he got a good whiff.
We'd like to imagine that Bob is now on an endless trail with new smells all along the way.

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