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Gone but never forgotten

Remembering Bob the Beagle
June 20, 1996 to October 23, 2003
Bob the Beagle, faithful loving companion,
may be gone but he lives on in our hearts and memories.

Bob the Beagle, faithful loving companion, may be gone but he lives on in our hearts and memories.  The depth of our sorrow is more than we ever imagined possible.  Finding ways to express our grief has been difficult.  
Bob the Beagle - what a beautiful face - 1998
Those who love or have ever loved pets, are like us and consider their pets family members.  We commonly referred to Bob & Betty as "our kids."  You know that we celebrate their birthdays, that Jan dressed them up for special occasions, and you may not know that Jan cooked their food.   We loved Bob. 
Dave called him "my boy."  Jan called him "my hero." Betty misses him too.   We try to comfort each other.
Bob the Beagle died on Oct 23, 2003.  In the summer Bob developed a limp and seemed to be in some discomfort.  He was treated on and off for several months with either steroids or pain pills.  When the symptoms got really bad, we followed the advise of our vet and took him to a neurological specialist.
The neurosurgeon said Bob had classic herniated-disk symptoms and recommended surgery.   Bob's surgery was on Tuesday Oct 14th.  The surgery was successful, but his recovery was longer than expected.  His stay in the clinic was 8 days instead of the usual 3-5 days. 
We were so excited to bring him home on the 22nd.  He was wobbly but managed to get up and go outside several times.  About two hours after he ate his dinner, he started vomiting and panting, his breathing was labored.   We rushed him to the Animal ER.  The ER vet said he had a high fever and was going into shock.  She wanted to start an IV, do blood work and take an x-ray of his stomach which was distended.  So we left him at the emergency clinic.   Then the call came at 11:30 p.m.   Bob had a cardiac arrest.   He is at peace now. 
These "Remembering Bob the Beagle" pages are one of the ways to cope with our loss.   In the future, we hope that viewing these pages will bring smiles instead of tears.  Jan added the Willow Tree "Angel of Friendship" to her collection.

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